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  1. Sillicon
  2. Polycrystalline thin films
  3. Multijunction materials and devices
  4. New materials devices and processes
  5. Performance and validation of quality
  6. Testing and validation

Concentrated Solar Power

  1. R&D on Collectors
  2. Technology options and choices for Receivers
  3. Issues on Power blocks
  4. Issues on Thermal energy storage
  5. Viability Analysis of CSP in the current context
  6. Economically viable stand alone system based on LCPV and Solar Water Heating Technology.

Off-grid and Distributed solar

  1. Evaluation of exact power requirement for site specific application.
  2.  Better communication between generation and supply.
  3.  Possible integration to mini-grid.
  4.  Effective design of the panel/module for maximum power out-put.
  5.  Design of suitable economically viable battery system.

Field level data validation

  1. Monitoring Insolation data and validation
  2. Influence of Albedo on the overall efficiency and performance
  3. Effect on module cleaning process on the plant performance
  4. Effect of submicron particle interaction with the module surface  and its impact on the long term performance of the plant.

R&D on Electricals and Electronics

  • Evacuation and transmission related issues: Voltage Fluctuation and Harmonics.
  • Investigation of components of the balance of systems like Junction Box, Inverter, Storage Device and Power cable.
  • Studies on Smart Grid systems
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